Monday, September 13, 2010

the land of a thousand chances

So, it's the second week of September. On the 1st I got on an evening flight to Singapore. 14 hours of no TV, no vegetarian meal, but some leg-room, fun. I tried to read Aldus Huxley's "Island", and managed it until too many people fell asleep in my presence and the reading lamp proved too invasive. I'm a people person in the end, and i could hardly keep my eyes open - but my brain refused to follow my retina into darkness.
I was in Singapore as Artist in Residence at Lasalle College of the Arts - which was an official channel for my dear colleague and 'head of school' Tim O'Dwyer to get me into the country to record a new trio record. After a week of 16 hours a day as performance coach, history teacher, race relations ambassador and all-round teen-mind-blower, we got a great record made - so, that was exciting. Big props to Maggot Brain for his haircut and Jeremiah for substance.

Home for a night with Paul Lovens and Ignaz Schick for the inaugural 'Echtzeitmusiktage' hosted by the saxophonist of the same name. I was too tired to know how it went on the inside, but on the outside we had a great night.

In passing - I'm not much of a write about myself person, and really, the idea of promoting concerts, or in fact, the very idea that anybody might want to read what I'm up to is a bit out - but for the sake of feeling that there is some sense of the rather odd planet I'm living on, then why not get to work....kind of a book for me at least, to look back on and say - oh - i remember that train trip - the snow storm in Brno that looked like the fuzz of an un-tuned TV station. (for example.

I'm concerned that the year is perceivable in closed fist of a three month calendar. :

Hammeriver in Berlin, Trio Aus in Salzburg, Nickelsdorf and Utrecht, The Ames Room in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Leeds and London, Contrabass in Korea, Nate Woolley and Friends in Berlin, Treffen in Belgium, Astronomical Unit, Gebhards Bass X 3 and Kellers Killers in Sibiu, Strike in Densites and Ostrava, Ella Speed in Swizerland, Thymolpholein in Wels, Ames Room in Ljubiana, Vienna and Brno, Splitter Orchster at Radialsystem, Corkestra in Holland, Ames Room in Tours, Paris and Ghent, KBKB in Vienna and Graz...and that's the end of the year with three days rest.

Surely there is a way to use a blog productively. But I've never been Lindsay Lohan basher...?

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