Sunday, November 14, 2010

These last weeks

have been exhausting!

Since coming back from Switzerland with Ellaspeed (Tony Buck, Asi Foecker, Magda Mayas and Andy Moor) we had an excellent Splitter rehearsal, followed by a long but not entirely uncomfortable over night train to Wels. Arriving just in time for our first Thymoptholein rehearsal. First day was exhausting - not enough sleep to work on the music effectively - although we did our best, and the night of music was all too emotionally felt. I in fact got incredibly angry with one of the composers and at 2am, with a touch of bad luck, got heavy in a hall-way. In retrospect, a pretty funny moment, but in the morning i regretted it. Maybe calling his music a representative of the oppressive military might of the United States was too hard.

Anyway - Wels was inspiring and frustrating in equal measure, but the frustrations were only personal. When something isn't your cup of tea, it just isn't. When a program is so broad and the musicians so sociable, you're going to find yourself in a situation where you have to say what you think.

For great dance offs in the true Monkey/Gumby variety - big peace!

follow to three Ames Room gigs in Ljubjana, Vienna and Brno - new fingers! new pressures! we got somewhere again.

Tuesday at Blue Tomato, Wednesday at Porgy! Vienna HOY!

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